The Technancial Company Limited delivers advanced real-time risk management and trade surveillance tools to global markets.
TTC’s products, JANUS Risk Manager, JANUS Behavioural Analytics, JANUS Margin Engine and JANUS Trade Surveillance are used by global institutions across markets, regions and asset classes to supervise their trading, market making, DMA and HFT activities. More than 80 risk rules and more than 60 clearing houses’ margin algorithms are supported by the JANUS Platform and can be used in pre-trade, post-order (at-trade) and post-trade to manage market, credit and operational risks in demanding environments. 

In 2019 TTC joined forces with LIST: a natural next step in the company’s evolution having both worked to be at the forefront of the technological evolution of trading in digital markets.

Our Strength:


A seasoned team of business experts complements the strong technology team, bringing together extensive knowledge and cutting edge technology for the financial markets


Continuous research into advanced technologies is key in meeting today's trading and risk management needs. Combining low latency requirements of high frequency trading, complex aggregation of data with sophisticated risk and compliance checks is a challenge met by our careful use of the best available proven technology that the market has to offer


We care about providing effective solutions that adapt easily to our customers needs. A high degree of flexibility has to be embedded within, not only our products but in the development process. This serves to meet the diverse needs of our various clients which range from: sell-side, buy-side, hft, hedge funds, retail banks and brokers


We believe in partnerships to create advanced and effective solutions in today's fast changing financial environments. We join forces with:
  • Clients who bring their business expertise and knowledge of markets
  • Distributors to sell products and assist clients on a global scale
  • Integrators to face the challenges of large global projects