• JANUS Risk Manager

    JANUS Risk Manager is a multi-asset, multi-currency and multi-market real-time risk management and order validation system supporting exchange traded financial instruments

    • Pre-Order: Used for pre-trade validation, monitors positions on client accounts and filters orders according to validation rules defined at many different levels: markets, asset classes, instrument types, instrument lists, accounts
    • Post-Order: Also used at “post-order” (or “in-trade”) to monitor in real-time orders and executions, evaluates risk variables and generates alarms when specific risk limits are reached. Potential risks originating from pending orders are evaluated
    • Flexible aggregation: Flexible portfolio/account structures can be created to aggregate information in real-time according to different organisation needs

    • 80+ risk variables: Currently supports more than 80 risk variables like: Fat Finger Checks, Position Limits, Balances and Margins, Greeks, Profit & Losses, Premiums, Exposures and Trade Surveillance
    • < 30 μsec performance: Nic2Nic measured performance for calculation of risk variables is below 30 microseconds using commodity hardware

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  • JANUS Behavioural Analytics

    JANUS Behavioural Analytics is an analytical platform that combines historical with real time data, to enable a deeper understanding of the user or client’s activities

    Using Value: Leveraging on the value that JRM’s monitoring, which its massive customizable rule sets bring, to safely grow and manage complex and diverse business activities, across global markets

    Visibility: Able to build a picture of behaviour generated by trading activity, checkpoints that result from monitoring that activity, and market events around the account activity

    Source: Discover the significance of values leading to alerts, and score their relative importance

    Investigate Deeper: has several tools to support Limit Breach Investigation such as analysis of transaction and market data/market behaviour and rarity scores of breaches

    User Friendly Dashboard: Quick and easy comprehension of the breach explanations for rapid information assimilation – enables faster decision making

    Has the capacity to be further enhanced to include other analytics based on machine learning and other predictive approaches

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  • JANUS Margin Engine

    • JANUS Margin Engine implements and extends the overnight margin evaluation methodologies used by the Exchanges/Clearing Houses to intraday for a correct and real-time evaluation of margin requirements of portfolios containing futures and options on: Equities, Equities Indexes, Commodities, Interest Rates, Energy and FX
    • Active Orders: intraday evaluation of margins also considers active orders (orders on the market and not yet executed). JANUS Margin Engine considers the Worst Portfolio (the one requiring the highest capital allocation) among those that could be generated by all the possible execution scenarios of active orders
    • Worst Net Position: As the number of possible different portfolios grows exponentially with the number of active orders, The Technancial Company has identified a way to evaluate the Worst Net Position and calculate margins according to the different Exchange/Clearing methodologies in less than 300 microseconds
    • 60+ exchanges' real-time margin algos: JANUS Margin Engine evaluates margins in real-time according to the methodologies of Exchanges/Clearing Houses. Most markets in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America are covered

  • LookOut Trade Surveillance

    LookOut is a multi-asset solution for market surveillance, regulatory reporting and business analytics specifically designed for Investment Firms (buy-side and sell-side) and Trading Venues, powered by LIST. The solution complies with MiFID II and MAD/MAR, and fulfils similar requirements in Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore and USA. LookOut is recognized as a successful product from our customers thanks to a number of unique characteristics:

    •  - fast (real-time) and scalable pattern recognition engine
    •  - extended catalogue of built in detection patterns
    •  - regulatory patterns maintenance
    •  - highly skilled support team
    •  - web based, data-centric case management tool

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  • JANUS Margin On Demand

    JANUS Margin On Demand is a real-time, global margin calculation service developed by THE TECHNANCIAL COMPANY, to provide a simple and effective way to evaluate initial and variation margins and simulate the effects of derivatives trading on portfolio margins

    Based on JANUS Margin Engine - a consolidated and reliable system that replicates the portfolio margining models adopted by the different Clearing Houses and delivers the margin requirements of complex portfolios in few milliseconds - JANUS Margin On Demand is delivered as an ASP service

    JANUS Margin On Demand is very straightforward and does not need any sophisticated in-house technology. It only requires a secure Internet connection to access the server and provides a powerful tool to calculate margins on complex portfolios and simulate what-if scenarios

    JANUS Margin On Demand addresses the needs of different clients:

    • - Prop Trading Desks
    • - Derivatives Sales Desks
    • - Hedge Fund Managers
    • - BackOffice and Clearing units
    • - Online Brokers

    A predefined set of API allows the integration between JANUS Margin On Demand and any third party system to automate real-time margin evaluation. The speed of JANUS Margin Engine in calculating margins makes this system an ideal tool to empower order management systems with a pre-trade validation of orders based on margin evaluation

    JANUS Margin On Demand is also designed for those clients who do not need extreme performances but would like to benefit from knowing the margin requirements of their portfolios on-demand, instead of experiencing a one day delay. For these clients JANUS Margin On Demand represents an ideal tool to anticipate financing needs and margin calls

    Among the functionalities supported by JANUS Margin On Demand there is the calculation of the Worst Net Position. Given a portfolio and a set of open orders (orders sent to the markets and not yet executed), the system calculates the worst net scenario of execution of such orders in terms of capital/collateral requirements.

    Provided with an intuitive Web Based interface, JANUS Margin On Demand is a complete service covering margin calculation on all major exchange traded derivatives.

  • Consulting

    THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY supports its clients and their specific needs by providing consultancy services including:

    • -  Integration of JANUS™ with client's legacy systems to upload Start of Day information
    • -  Integration of JANUS™ with sources of orders/executions both real-time (FIX is the preferred protocol) and batch
    • -  Customisation and configuration of JANUS™ to meet the specific needs of each client
    • -  Support to the use of JANUS™ API to integrate external systems in real-time
    • -  Implementation of new controls
    • -  Implementation of client specific Margin Algorithms
    • -  White-labelling of JANUS™ GUI

  • SaaS

    THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY's products can be either installed in a client's datacentre or provided as SaaS solutions

    Managed Solutions: If installed in a client's datacentre THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY provides managed services to assist clients in day by day support activities

    SaaS: THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY partners with leading datacentres providers in different geographies to provide SaaS solutions to clients willing to reduce their costs of ownership