• JANUS™ Risk Manager

    JANUS™ Risk Manager is a multi-asset, multi-currency and multi-market real-time risk management and order validation system supporting exchange traded financial instruments

    • Pre-Order: Used for pre-trade validation, monitors positions on client accounts and filters orders according to validation rules defined at many different levels: markets, asset classes, instrument types, instrument lists, accounts
    • Post-Order: Also used at “post-order” (or “in-trade”) to monitor in real-time orders and executions, evaluates risk variables and generates alarms when specific risk limits are reached. Potential risks originating from pending orders are evaluated
    • Flexible aggregation: Flexible portfolio/account structures can be created to aggregate information in real-time according to different organisation needs

    • 70+ risk variables: Currently supports more than 70 risk variables like: Fat Finger Checks, Position Limits, Balances and Margins, Greeks, Profit & Losses, Premiums, Exposures and Trade Surveillance
    • < 30 μsec performance: Nic2Nic measured performance for calculation of risk variables is below 30 microseconds using commodity hardware

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  • JANUS™ Margin Engine

    • JANUS™ Margin Engine implements and extends the overnight margin evaluation methodologies used by the Exchanges/Clearing Houses to intraday for a correct and real-time evaluation of margin requirements of portfolios containing futures and options on: Equities, Equities Indexes, Commodities, Interest Rates, Energy and FX
    • Active Orders: intraday evaluation of margins also considers active orders (orders on the market and not yet executed). JANUS™ Margin Engine considers the Worst Portfolio (the one requiring the highest capital allocation) among those that could be generated by all the possible execution scenarios of active orders
    • Worst Net Position: As the number of possible different portfolios grows exponentially with the number of active orders, The Technancial® Company identified a way to evaluate the Worst Net Position and calculate margins according to the different Exchange/Clearing methodologies in less than 300 microseconds
    • 60+ exchanges' real-time margin algos: JANUS™ Margin Engine evaluates margins in real-time according to the methodologies of Exchanges/Clearing Houses. Most markets in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America are covered

  • JANUS™ Trade Surveillance

    JANUS™ Trade Surveillance is a flexible multi-asset and cross-market surveillance system initially designed to manage the European Market Abuse Directive and then extended to other regulations and geographies

    JANUS™ Trade Surveillance implements specific market manipulation controls, misuse of price sensitive information but also compliance with market making obligations

    T+1 and Real-Time controls: JANUS™ Trade Surveillance supports both End Of Day and T+N as well as intraday real-time controls

    Less False Alarms: all controls have been designed to reduce as much as possible false alarms. To achieve this result JANUS™ Trade Surveillance often cross connects client's trading activity with market data

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  • JANUS™ Margin On Demand

    JANUS™ Margin On Demand is a real-time global margin calculation service developed by THE TECHNANCIAL COMPANY to provide a simple and effective way to evaluate initial and variation margins and simulate the effects of derivatives trading on portfolio margins

    Based on JANUS™ Margin Engine - a consolidated and reliable system that replicates the portfolio margining models adopted by the different Clearing Houses and delivers in few milliseconds the margin requirements of complex portfolios - JANUS™ Margin On Demand is delivered as an ASP service

    JANUS™ Margin On Demand is very straightforward and does not need any sophisticated in-house technology. It only requires a secure Internet connection to access the server and it provides a powerful tool to calculate margins on complex portfolios and simulate what-if scenarios

    JANUS™ Margin On Demand addresses the needs of different clients:

    • - Prop Trading Desks
    • - Derivatives Sales Desks
    • - Hedge Fund Managers
    • - BackOffice and Clearing units
    • - Online Brokers

    A predefined set of API allows the integration between JANUS™ Margin On Demand and any third party system to automate real-time margin evaluation. The speed of JANUS™ Margin Engine in calculating margins makes this system an ideal tool to empower order management systems with a pre-trade validation of orders based on margin evaluation

    JANUS™ Margin On Demand is also designed for those clients who do not need extreme performances but would like to benefit from knowing the margin requirements of their portfolios on-demand, instead of experiencing a one day delay. For these clients JANUS™ Margin On Demand represents an ideal tool to anticipate financing needs and margin calls

    Among the functionalities supported by JANUS™ Margin On Demand there is the calculation of the Worst Net Position. Given a portfolio and a set of open orders (orders sent to the markets and not yet executed), the system calculates the worst net scenario of execution of such orders in terms of capital/collateral requirements.

    Provided with an intuitive Web Based interface JANUS™ Margin On Demand is a complete service covering margin calculation on all major exchange traded derivatives.

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  • Consulting

    THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY supports its clients and their specific needs by providing consultancy services including:

    • -  Integration of JANUS™ with client's legacy systems to upload Start of Day information
    • -  Integration of JANUS™ with sources of orders/executions both real-time (FIX is the preferred protocol) and batch
    • -  Customisation and configuration of JANUS™ to meet the specific needs of each client
    • -  Support to the use of JANUS™ API to integrate external systems in real-time
    • -  Implementation of new controls
    • -  Implementation of client specific Margin Algorithms
    • -  White-labelling of JANUS™ GUI

  • SaaS

    THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY's products can be either installed in a client's datacentre or provided as SaaS solutions

    Managed Solutions: If installed in a client's datacentre THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY provides managed services to assist clients in day by day support activities

    SaaS: THE TECHNANCIAL® COMPANY partners with leading datacentres providers in different geographies to provide SaaS solutions to clients willing to reduce their costs of ownership